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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® program and what are the benefits?
A. The FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program is a business-building alliance between pack-and-ship retailers and FedEx. The program is designed to help you build your business and provide a high-quality experience to your customers. The program supports and coordinates our mutual goals and objectives: By acting as convenient points of access to FedEx customers, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations play a critical role in the FedEx network. FedEx, in turn, supplies FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations with a full range of shipping services; new sources of revenue and exposure; free FedEx® tools and supplies; and marketing, advertising, service and information support. The program was first launched in 1994 and currently includes more than 5,000 locations.
Q. What are the minimum requirements to join the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program?
  • Operate a pack-and-ship store as your primary business with a retail storefront and a designated customer counter for receiving packages.
  • Have an existing or proposed location in the U.S. that has internet access.
  • Provide regular business hours of operation, Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are optional.
  • Have a calibrated scale that accepts at least 100 lbs.
  • Sell packaging and shipping supplies to the public and provide packaging expertise.
  • Provide FedEx Express® packaging at no charge.
  • Offer both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground® services. *
  • Sell and ship a minimum average of one FedEx Express and one FedEx Ground package a day.
  • Accept FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages dropped off by FedEx account holders at no charge.
  • Be a registered FASCnet user with an active email address.
  • Use a FedEx® approved electronic shipping solution to create shipping labels, such as a FedEx Ship Manager® automated shipping solution or one offered through the FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program.
  • Maintain an account in good financial standing with FedEx.
Q. What are the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter quarterly dropoff incentive checks all about?
A. As a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter owner-operator, you are entitled to receive a quarterly incentive check for shipments dropped off at your location but not billed to your FedEx account number. For example, you receive $1 per FedEx Express® dropoff package, 75 cents per FedEx Ground® dropoff package and 75 cents per FedEx SmartPost® package.

You will receive a check when the payment due to you quarterly exceeds $10. Checks are generally sent 30 days after the close of each quarter. Payment for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages is provided in the same quarterly check.

The FedEx fiscal year is divided into the following quarters:
Q1: June-August
Q2: September-November
Q3: December-February
Q4: March-May
Q. Why are the bar-code label and bar-code sheet critical parts of the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program start-up process?
A. The FedEx bar-code label is used to help determine the number of FedEx Express dropoff packages that the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter location accepts each day, which determines the FedEx Express portion of the quarterly dropoff incentive check.

Once approved to participate in the program, a new FedEx Authorized ShipCenter location will receive a bar-code label and bar-code sheet in the FASC Welcome Kit. Both should be posted and available for scanning by the FedEx Express courier on the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter location's start date.
Q. What are the FedEx® services offered by FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations?
  • FedEx Express® services, U.S. and international
  • FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery®, U.S. and international to Canada.

For more information about FedEx services, see About FedEx
Q. How do I sign up for a FedEx account?
A. Call 1.800.496.9310, opt. 3.
Q. How do I order FedEx supplies?
A. You can order them online at or by calling 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.
Q. How do I file a claim for a FedEx Express or FedEx Ground U.S. shipment?
A. Submitting a claim and staying informed on its status is easy with our online filing option, FedEx® Claims Online. By filing online at, you can save time and get your claim processed faster. Plus, you can request periodic e-mail updates that keep you notified during our claim review process. Typically we can resolve claims within five to seven business days of receiving your claim form and additional supporting documentation, unless additional research time is needed.

To access FedEx Claims Online as well as claims FAQs, filing guidelines, packaging tips and other claims-related information for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground U.S. shipments, go to

*Services include FedEx Priority Overnight®, FedEx Standard Overnight®, FedEx 2Day®, FedEx Express Saver®, FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Economy®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx International Ground® service to Canada and FedEx Home Delivery®.
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