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Qualification process

Before you can submit your application, we need you to answer a few questions to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements to qualify to become a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® (FASC).

There are minimum requirements to join the FASC program, including:

  • Operate a pack-and-ship store as your primary business with a retail storefront and a designated customer counter for receiving packages.

  • Have an existing or proposed location in the U.S. that has internet access.

  • Provide regular business hours of operation, Monday through Friday. Saturday/Sunday hours are optional.

  • Have a calibrated scale that accepts at least 100 lbs.

  • Sell packaging and shipping supplies to the public and provide packaging expertise.

  • Provide FedEx Express® packaging at no charge.

  • Offer both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground® services.*

  • Sell and ship a minimum average of one FedEx Express and one FedEx Ground package a day.

  • Accept FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages dropped off by FedEx account holders at no charge.

  • Be a registered FASCnet user with an active email address.

  • Use a FedEx approved automated shipping system to process shipments, such as FedEx Ship Manager® automated shipping solution or one offered through the FedEx® Compatible Solutions Program.

  • Maintain an account in good financial standing with FedEx.

*For more information about FedEx® services, please see About FedEx

Qualification Information

We suggest you gather the following information before beginning the qualification process:

  • FedEx account number.
    Note: If you do not have one, call the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter Program support line at 1.800.496.9310, opt. 3

  • If you are taking over ownership of an existing store you will want to have the previous owner’s FedEx Express barcode. This is not required, but it is recommended.

During the qualification process, you will be asked many questions about your business. The answers to these questions help us determine whether your business meets the necessary requirements and gather the appropriate information to set you up in our data systems.

If your business does not meet the necessary requirements, you will be informed during the application process or contacted by a FedEx representative after you have submitted your application.

Please confirm that you have read and understand the FASC Program section and are ready to proceed to the Qualification process.