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How to apply to the FASC program

Welcome to the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® information and application center. In addition to enabling you to apply for the FASC program, this Web site provides you with information and detailed answers to questions about the program.

To apply to become an FASC, you will need to complete the following three stages:
Read about the FASC program
About FASC Program Before beginning the qualification process, read the About the FASC Program section to ensure you fully understand the program, its requirements and its benefits.
Qualify Answer these few simple questions to determine if you qualify to apply to the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program.
Please review the information you need to submit in order to qualify.
Apply Once you have qualified to apply to the FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program, you can complete your application by creating your profile and submitting your store information.
Please review the information you must gather in order to apply.
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