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Marketing Materials
Strategically using in-store signage and tools can help you capitalize on the strength of the FedEx brand to promote your FedEx Authorized ShipCenter®, build your business and communicate more effectively with your customers.

When you enroll in the program, you automatically receive a FedEx illuminated sign, and access to order the marketing materials you need free of charge, including:
  • Two-sided signs
  • Counter mats
  • Single-sided posters
  • Point-of-sale materials
  • Large banners
  • Hours-of-operation door decals

In addition to offering in-store signage, FedEx provides numerous marketing and advertising tools and resources on FASCnet:
  • Direct mail marketing materials, including designs on colorful postcards with space to include your store details and contact information.
  • Free templates for print ads.
  • Promotional items and FedEx merchandise.
  • FASC logos for print and online promotions.
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